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Mary Harrison

Position: K-12 Art Teacher
Email: mharrison@buckleyschools.com

Mary Harrison

Living in the Midwest, I primarily create paintings inspired by nature. For many years my work was focused on photography and drawing, areas which I still enjoy. That was until I re-discovered the joys of painting. It is through this medium that I now find inner peace, creative and emotional expression of ideas, and through which I hope to encourage viewers to explore the world around them.

Time and talent is also devoted to developing creativity in the children within my classes. Also, a large body of work is directly tied to children’s literature as an author and illustrator.

Works including landscape and wildlife images have been exhibited in group shows in the cities of Traverse City and East Lansing, Michigan, Tampa, Florida, and South Bend IN. A recent dragon series is now available in the novel, The Dragons of Zimzor.

Subjects for my work often stem from my love of natural creation and are expressed through the palette on my canvas. As an artist and biologist, I am always captivated by the perfection of living things; plants, animals, insects, or sea life. Much of my personal painting time focuses on this fascination with the natural world.

Through my paintings I desire to encourage viewers to notice the beauty all around them that exists on this tiny planet that teems with diverse life. Within the beauty of creation, man has set his own designs; buildings, bridges and a host of other structures. I find joy and inspiration in seeking out structures that seem to abide in harmony with their natural surroundings.

As each brush stroke captures the texture of feathers, pine needles, flower petals, stone or brick, my paintings bring the viewer into the world of nature that so enthralls me. Success for me would be to have those who view my work to be motivated to seek out the beauty and inspiration of the natural world of creation.