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Parent FAQs

Head on over to the school sports calendar or the BigTeams Schedule to get the latest list of sports events, locations, and times.

No. The latest pick up time is 2:30pm.

No, but you can contact your teacher through email no less than 1 week in advance, but we are not providing extra homework for you to take. And if your child is in grades 7-12, your child is responsible to tell their teachers through email and face to face the dates expected to miss. And then it is the student's responsibility to get that work completed!

Please check the calendar for Spring Break dates.

You MUST have a form filled out by the doctor before we can distribute any type of medication. Any medication must be brought to us by the parent and NOT with the student!  

Nonprescription? A parent must bring in the nonprescription medication and fill out a form that gives the office permission to administer the meds. The medication MUST be in the original container and we can't give more than the recommended dose. We can hold these at the office for the school year. These too must be brought in by the parent. 

Although both breakfast and lunch are free, if your child wants extra, please put money in an envelope CLEARLY marked with your child's first and last name, grade, and teacher's name on the envelope!

If you would like to deposit money using a credit card, please create an account at the following site to deposit electronically. https://buckley.familyportal.cloud/