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Staff Celebration

Exemplary Staff Member for September 2023

Buckley Community Schools would like to recognize Heather Sulz as a dedicated service provider.  Her ability to maintain accurate records and communicate efficiently with all stakeholders greatly benefits our district.  The past year has been difficult with the number of audits and grant requirements, and Heather works diligently to meet all deadlines.  The Board of Education appreciates her attention to detail all year long that makes our audit process go smoothly with little to no findings each year.  She is very knowledgeable about her profession and is able to give sound guidance with regards to school finances and financial practices.  Her upbeat attitude and outgoing personality supports our staff and organization in a positive way.  Thank you Heather for all your dedication and hard work. Buckley appreciates you!




Elementary Teacher of the Month

This is the start of Ms. Chappel’s 23rd year. She is currently teaching 4th grade reading and science, In the past she has taught everything from 2nd-6th grade. She lives in Traverse City and loves spending free time with family, at the beach, having bon fires, reading, traveling, and MSU.





Secondary Teacher of The Month

Mr. McInerney (Mr. Mac) rightly deserves to be the Secondary Teacher of the Month–he took the jump from being the 5th/6th Math Teacher to being our secondary 8th grade Pre-Algebra, 9th grade Algebra, 12th grade Personal Finance, and middle school Math Academic Success teacher at Buckley Community Schools.  We did not have success finding a Math teacher for over 10 months.  Mr. Mac only hesitated for one day and said he likes to be challenged and wanted to teach at the secondary level!! ​

His wife is Mrs. McInerney (Mrs. Mac) is the high school science teacher at Buckley too. They have three boys: Thomas, James, and Howard. He likes golfing, fishing, and teaching. Mr. Mac thinks Math is cool and learning is fun. Mr. Mac believes that students learn best by working together in teams to find patterns and solve problems. Again–I want to thank Mr. Mac for his commitment to Buckley Community Schools and making a difference not only for our students but our teachers and community as well!!