Cross Country Spirit Wear

Cross Country families, alumni, runners and supporters – As the season gets underway, be sure to stock up on your Buckley Cross Country Spirit wear by following the link. Be sure to come and show your support at our home […]


2017-18 School Year

The 2017-18 school year is about to start! The first day of school is September 5, 2017. That is the Tuesday after Labor Day and it is a full day of school. There are a few events happening before the school […]

Apply for Meal Benefits Online

Buckley Schools Lunch Update

This year, Buckley Community Schools is introducing a new way for parents to apply for meal benefits. The entire process can be done online from home or wherever you have internet access. It can even be done from a smart phone. The process is very easy and it walks you through step by step. First, go to www.lunchapp.com and click on the green ‘Start an Application’ button. You will be brought to a screen to accept the terms and conditions. The next screen will ask you to type in the school district you are in. We can be found under Buckley Community Schools. After that, you simply follow the steps as presented. Once you get to the end, make sure to hit the finish application button. The application will be sent to the school electronically and processed.

We hope that this new process makes it easier for everyone to apply for meal benefits.

New Protocol for Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

Buckley Community Schools is introducing a new protocol for parents dropping off and picking up their children. The new procedures will be put into effect on Monday, March 2. These changes are being put into place to further ensure the safety of our students. After a great deal of discussion and research, the administration presented the new plan to the Board of Education at the February meeting. School officials hope that everyone will understand the necessity of these changes.

Morning Procedure
Children dropped off before 8:05 a.m. must go to the small gym. Those students dropped off after 8:05 a.m. are allowed to go directly to their classrooms. Children may still enter through the main school doors.
Parents are being asked to no longer walk their children to class in the morning. The elementary hallway is congested with our students who are going to their classrooms. The office is the farthest a parent should go into the school; they should only go to their child(s) classroom with a prior appointment with the teacher.

Afternoon Procedure
Students who are being picked up will be dropped off in the small gym when classes are being taken out for their buses. Parents are asked to enter the small gym through the south doors by the gym and sign their child(ren) out on the sign–out sheet and then exit through the same doors. You will be able to park in the main parking lot, along the sidewalk in front of the small gym, or on the village property across from the gym. Students who walk will be released at the small gym, as well, then be allowed to walk home. Thank you for your cooperation and support. We continually research best practices concerning student safety and feel it is important to make these changes to our routines.These changes will go into effect on Monday, March 2. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Kulawiak at (231) 269–3325.

Parent Notifications from Teachers

robot call

Buckley Community Schools is happy to announce a new feature available to teachers, parent contact through PowerSchool! Teacher now have the ability to contact parents through PowerSchool for all student within their class. They can contact you by phone, email, and even texting. There may be a few questions that arise as more teachers begin to utilize this feature. We hope to answer some of those questions.

1. I received a strange message from the school. It was some strange robot voice reading a message. What is that about?

The system is built in a way that the teacher simply types in their message to the system and the text is converted to speech when it is sent. The upside is that it is very easy and quick for teachers to send messages. The downside is the robot voice you are asking about. While it may be jarring at first to hear it, we assure you that the entire message is read with accuracy at a pace that is understandable. Please be patient with the system during this time.

2. How do we receive emails?

Emailing is built into the system as a way to communicate with you. All we need is your email address in the system and it will work. If the teacher chooses to send an email as part of the message, it will arrive in your inbox and you can read it at your leisure. If you reply to the email, you will be replying directly to the teacher.

3. Did I read it right in the first paragraph that I can also receive texts from the teacher?

You did read that right. Just like emailing and voice calls, the system is built with the ability to text any contacts in the system. We need your permission to text you plus a phone number that can receive text messaging. Keep in mind that these texts do count against any monthly allotment you have for texting.


We appreciate your patience during this transition time. The system has already been successful for Friday Bear-Newsessities, sports changes, and school closings. We know that the teacher side of parent contacts will be a great addition to our continued goal of communication with all parents and community members.

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