Second Round Superintendent Interview

Buckley School Board Selects Final Candidates for Superintendent The Buckley School Board narrowed the field to two candidates after interviewing five candidates on March 17 for the superintendent position.  The two finalists are Danielle Hendry, Curriculum Director in South Haven […]

Visitor Management System

With your child’s safety a priority at Buckley Community Schools, we are pleased to share our new visitor management system. The new system requires all visitors to be “buzzed” into the building. Although this may be viewed as a minor […]

Long Term Sub High School Math Teacher

Buckley is currently looking for a long term sub, high school math teacher. Please check the details by clicking here.

NHS Blood Drive

Blood Drive! The morning of Thursday March 15th the National Honor Society and Michigan Blood will have a Blood Drive at Buckley School from 8:00 am to 12:45 pm. Please note this on your calendar, sign up with an NHS […]

Superintendent Search

Buckley Community Schools has begun the process of hiring a new superintendent. Please view the link in the menu to be up to date on the search process. Check back frequently for any new information.

Like a Post on Facebook

A new feature has been implemented on our webpage, Facebook Likes! At the bottom of every post, is a Like button. By clicking this button, you can share the post on your Facebook page and help spread the news. So if you want to click the like button on this post, you can let all your friends know that there is a like button on our website.

We hope you enjoy this addition and we look forward to adding more features in the future!

New Website Experience

Buckley Schools New Website Experience

Welcome to Buckley Community Schools new web page. Take a few minutes to get familiar with the new interface. If you need some pointers on where to start, view the screenshot, which highlights areas of interest in the new interface.


  1. The very top portion of the screen has quicklinks to the most common used links on our website. These include email link for staff and student and also PowerSchool links for parents, staff, and admin. This bar will always be at the top of the screen no matter where you are on our webpage.
  2. Just below the header of the website is the navigation bar, or menu. Each menu option is a dropdown menu that contains links to areas related to the menu title. For instance, you will find school news, Bear News-Essities, and the lunch menu under ‘News.’ Just like the top menu, this navigation bar will always be in the same place on any page you are on.
  3. The home page of Buckley Schools contains a slideshow of upcoming events that are of special notice. You can flip between slides, or just watch the slides as they transition automatically as well.
  4. Below the slideshow are the most recent posts on our webpage. These will include the items in the slideshow, plus other posts that are not in the slideshow. Please be sure to check both areas for recent news.
  5. Section 5 will have links to our social sites, currently Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There will also be special links of interest. For instance, there could be a link to purchase a yearbook like in the picture above.
  6. Below the social links is the sidebar. It will contain our most recent YouTube video, popular posts, recent posts, and upcoming events. The popular posts are posts that people have clicked on to view the most often. Recent posts is similar to area 4, but it only shows the title of the post. Upcoming events is located at the bottom of the sidebar and shows the next 5 athletic or school events. You can always visit the calendar page to view all events. The sidebar will remain the same no matter where you are on our website, so the information is always there.


We hope that the new interface will be more friendly to use. Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. Questions and comments are always welcome. You can contact me at


Buckley School’s Lunch Policy Change

Buckley Schools Lunch Update

Effective on March 10, 2014, Buckley Community Schools’ lunch policy will be:

Any student balance that equates to a total of five lunch charges (or more) and is unpaid will result in the student being served an alternative lunch, which would consist of a sandwich with protein ( cheese or peanut butter), fruit, vegetable and a milk. Currently, our lunch cost is $1.75 so a total of five day’s charges would be $8.75. This new policy was approved by the Board of Education on February 11, 2014.

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