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Message from the TC Pit Spitters Reading Program


Thank you for your support of the 2020 Traverse City Pit Spitters Reading Program. We could not make this program a success without you. With that being said, we are aware of the Governors decision to close all Michigan schools for the remainder of the school year, which means students will not be able to turn in their completed bookmarks to receive their tickets. At this time, we are optimistic that our season will not be impacted by COVID-19 and *we will still be honoring all completed bookmarks*. The plan that has been set in place for students to redeem their tickets is below. *Please relay this to all of your students and their parents*. Attached is also a reward from our ballpark partner, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Please send this to all of your students and their parents as well.

– Students can mail in their bookmarks to us with the completed form that is attached, OR a note that includes the following:
– the student’s name
– the parent’s name
– the parent’s e-mail address, phone number, and address
– what game they would like tickets for (May 29 – June 27)
– How many extra tickets will need to be purchased (if any)
– method of payment for extra tickets
– credit card, cash, or check
– extra tickets will be $10 a piece
– seating preference
– first base side
– third base side
– behind homeplate

– Parents can bring the bookmarks to the box office when Turtle Creek Stadium re-opens to the public to exchange for tickets. These will be available at a first come first serve basis and dependent on game availability.

All this information is also available at this link:
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me as we continue to work through this challenging time. Again, we so appreciate your efforts to get students reading and your continued support of our reading program.

Stay safe, stay healthy.


Britani Eaton

Reading Club Mail in Form

Grand Traverse Resort Reading Club Promo

Parent information from Healthy Kids Quarantined

Please see the Linked letter from Healthy Kids Quarantined program.

Parent’s Letter

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Letter from Mrs Harrand and Mr Kulawiak

Due to the Governors’ most recent executive order we will be moving to a
remote learning environment effective Monday, April 13th. Our primary
concern during this pandemic is the emotional and physical health of your
child. Like you, we are feeling overwhelmed during our current situation,
we will practice patience during this confusing time and ask that you
please do the same. The school staff has a steep learning curve to provide
educational services remotely and we realize parents and students are
facing this same learning curve. It is imperative over the next two months
that our students are building foundational skills around grade level
expectations. To support this learning, you will be hearing from your
child’s teacher via the remind app or e-mail. Students will begin to
receive e-mails from their teachers, with calendar reminds for “class
times” and activities. If you have not had contact with your child’s
teacher, please attempt to reach them directly before contacting the school
as each grade level is a bit different. We are aware that many students
have technology and material needs and are working tirelessly to provide
those to you. We have not yet received the internet hot spots – but many
teachers have dropped off materials and or devices. We will notify parents
as soon as the internet hot spots arrive. Please be sure to contact the
school with your updated contact information if needed, having an email
address on file will greatly support our ability to communicate with you.
We will not be delivering the same level of content for the entire
curriculum your child would have received had we been able to provide
face-to-face instruction. We are not encouraging students to be on a
device for 6 or 7 hours a day. The amount of time varies per age but
should be closer to 30 mins to two hours a day. We are trying to be
respectful of your time knowing many parents are trying to work and support
their children at the same time. Please also be respectful of your child’s
teachers’ time as they also have families at home and will not be available
24-7. They will be providing you with office hours to contact them each
week. Stay safe and healthy,

Yours in Education,

Mr. Kulawiak and Mrs. Harrand

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