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Blood Drive

Coming Thursday May 24th morning, the National Honor Society and Michigan
Blood will have a Blood Drive at Buckley School from 8:00 am to 12:45

Please give blood. We are able to sign you up for a time right now. What time
slot would fit best for you?

K-6 Spring Music Concert

It’s that time of year again for our annual K-6th grade spring concert! This year’s theme…. “Disney”! I encourage all students to dress up in any of their favorite Disney themed costume. If your child is unable to dress up in a costume, please have them wear their best attire. Please make sure that your students come no later than 6:15pm. Our concert will start right at 6:30pm on Thursday, May 31st. We look forward to seeing you there!

Visitor Management System

With your child’s safety a priority at Buckley Community Schools, we are pleased to share our new visitor management system.
The new system requires all visitors to be “buzzed” into the building. Although this may be viewed as a minor inconvenience, it is intended to help keep students and staff in a secure environment.

  1. How does this effect you and your student?
  2. All school doors will be locked around the building. Staff have fobs to enter during the day.
  3. The front doors will be unlocked to the vestibule at all times for you to enter and “buzz in”. During normal arrival and dismissal times, the front doors will be unlocked briefly to avoid crowding students, staff and parents in this area.
  4. Once the school day begins, the doors will be locked and all visitors will be required to press the call button to enter the school.
  5. Upon entering the school, you must report to the office and follow visitor procedures.
  6. If your child has after school activities, please make arrangements to pick them up at the door closest to the activity. Doors will all be locked and no staff available after 4:15 to let you in the front doors. The advisor / coach in charge will be opening the doors nearest your activity.

Thank you for your support as this new procedure begins at Buckley. Working together we can keep our children and community in a safer place.

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