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Second Round Superintendent Interview

Buckley School Board Selects Final Candidates for Superintendent

The Buckley School Board narrowed the field to two candidates after interviewing five candidates on March 17 for the superintendent position.  The two finalists are Danielle Hendry, Curriculum Director in South Haven and Jessica Harrand, Special Education Supervisor for Traverse Bay Area ISD.


The five candidate interviews on March 17 were about one hour each.  Board members asked the candidates questions regarding vision for the school district, communication style, management and decision-making style, vision for technology, and many others.  Candidates also were able to offer opening and closing statements.  There were several staff and community members in the audience.  The Board is being assisted in the search process by MASB, Michigan Association of School Boards with Dr. Rodney Green as the consultant.


The final interviews will be held beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21, in the Board Room.  The public is encouraged to attend the interviews.


Candidates and the times they will be interviewed are as follows:


Wednesday March 21

6:00 p.m. Danielle Hendry, Curriculum Director for South Haven Public Schools since 2014.    Previously, she was an interim Middle School Principal for South Haven, presenter for professional development for two years, interventionist for one year and a teacher for seven years.


7:10 p.m. Jessica Harrand, Special Education Supervisor for Traverse Bay Area ISD since 2014.  Previously, she served as a teacher consultant for TBAISD.  She also was a resource room teacher for Buckley for five years and Traverse City for four years.


The Board expects to appoint a new superintendent to begin on July 1, 2018.

Visitor Management System

With your child’s safety a priority at Buckley Community Schools, we are pleased to share our new visitor management system.
The new system requires all visitors to be “buzzed” into the building. Although this may be viewed as a minor inconvenience, it is intended to help keep students and staff in a secure environment.

  1. How does this effect you and your student?
  2. All school doors will be locked around the building. Staff have fobs to enter during the day.
  3. The front doors will be unlocked to the vestibule at all times for you to enter and “buzz in”. During normal arrival and dismissal times, the front doors will be unlocked briefly to avoid crowding students, staff and parents in this area.
  4. Once the school day begins, the doors will be locked and all visitors will be required to press the call button to enter the school.
  5. Upon entering the school, you must report to the office and follow visitor procedures.
  6. If your child has after school activities, please make arrangements to pick them up at the door closest to the activity. Doors will all be locked and no staff available after 4:15 to let you in the front doors. The advisor / coach in charge will be opening the doors nearest your activity.

Thank you for your support as this new procedure begins at Buckley. Working together we can keep our children and community in a safer place.

Long Term Sub High School Math Teacher

Buckley is currently looking for a long term sub, high school math teacher. Please check the details by clicking here.

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